baby adoptFero & Caputo is always honored and pleased to help families adopt a child. Attorneys Fero & Caputo can assist you with the volumes of paperwork involved in any adoption, whether domestic or international.

Stepparent Adoptions

Stepparent adoptions involve a stepparent adopting the child of his or her spouse. Often times, a parent in a blended family needs to adopt a stepchild to provide insurance coverage under work or other medical insurance plans. Adoption and the expenses incurred in the process can provide tax advantages.
Stepparent adoptions also send a lifelong message to the child that he or she is loved and wanted, that the family is completely united, and that his or her care and needs will be provided. Stepparent adoption also provides a legal parent for a child whose biological parent is no longer a part of the child’s life, such as if the biological parent has abandoned the child or died.

If you are considering adopting your stepchild, please contact the law offices of Fero & Caputo for a free initial consultation. A legal professional from Fero & Caputo will explain how they can help.

Domestic Adoptions

The legal professionals at Fero & Caputo are always willing to help a couple adopt a child. Fero & Caputo can help you with an adoption here in the United States (sometimes referred to as a Domestic Adoption). Fero & Caputo can also help with both closed and open adoptions.

When Adoptions Go Wrong

At the very moment when a couple is about to become parents through an adoption, it can nearly break their hearts to learn that something went wrong. Whether it is the agreement between the biological mother and the prospective parents, or the right court order filed in the right court, when things go wrong in an adoption, it can sometimes be too late to bring in an attorney to fix them.

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