General Practice

General Practice Areas:

Bankruptcy is the federal court process of eliminating or restricting a person’s debt. Fero & Caputo assists clients through all aspects of bankruptcy including initial analysis and advisement in determining the most beneficial course of action, preparation of documents, and representation in meetings and hearings.

Real Estate
Acquiring real estate is often the largest investment our clients make. We assist with both the sale and purchase of property. We also help to protect investment property by handling evictions.

Everyone should have a will. Preparing a will helps to provide for your loved ones and protect your assets. In addition to wills, attorneys at Fero & Caputo provide assistance in the creation of trusts, and the preparation and filing of health care proxies, and powers of attorney.

After a loved one has passed away, Fero & Caputo can both assist executors in managing the duties of their role as the estate attorney. Many clients have relied on us for our knowledge and experience in the many complexities of estate management.

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