Child Support

child handChild support and maintenance payments are usually ordered by a court in the final marital agreement. Under New York law, every child has a basic right to receive support, and every parent has an obligation to pay support.

  1. In New York both parents have the responsibility to support their children until the age of 21.  A child may be emancipated before the age of 21 but only under certain circumstances.
  2. A temporary child support order is requested when parents separate to divorce.
  3. A final child support order is entered by the court in the final marital agreement. Thereafter, child support is enforceable as a post divorce legal action.
  4. The amount of support in which a parent is required to pay is determined by multiply factors.   The most prominent factors being the number of children and the income of the parents.
  5. Regardless of your situation, Fero & Ingersoll is usually able to quickly find the way to help you and your family overcome the many obstacles, with the least amount of turmoil.
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